• Christina M. Morrison

New York Fashion Week Round Up

Unlike Christmas New York Fashion Week offers various treats not once but twice a year and the September installment so far featured a mix of the expected and on the other hand, the totally FAR OUT in design plus a few bonafide treats. Running from September 7th - 13th, the shows delivered a taste of what you'll be wearing in 2018. (below: "Slaying it" and "Kendall Jenner" have become interchangeable terms of reference as Kendall herself arrives at the Calvin Klein show.)

Whether you love them or love to hate them, there is no escaping the Kult of Kardashian. So you may aswell get used to it. Enter Kim, (below) wearing an extremely on-trend bandeau bralette (which heads will note is a nod to mid-90s fashion; think Salt 'n' Pepa and you're on the right track) paired with what basically looks like a pair of sheer stockings and a stunning leather jacket. Going back to blonde for the Spring Fashion Week festivities, hairdressers will note the almost-seamless extensions, blended with an almost undetectable line around the shoulder-mark. Flawless! Go Kim!

(above): Stepping out in style...Dare to Bare! Kim is about to be picked up by her driver as she heads off to the Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards in New York City during the recent fashion week events.

And no, Kim hasn't completely lost her mind and accidentally walked out the door having forgotten to put on her skirt. This is just the look she's going for and yes, it's going to certainly turn heads. Again, Kim is the mistress of polarization so you will either love or loathe this styling. Oh and if you are keen to buy this ensemble you can find it all (plus the must-have clear plastic shoes) at could basically make a bandeau yourself out of a strip of fabric (eg stretch legging material from Spotlight!) plus some pantyhose from David Jones and then throw on a vintage jacket, with lashings of fake tan (and btw we prefer St. Tropez or Ella Bache "Great Tan," which are more ash than tandoori). As for the impeccable makeup, you can get all the illuminator and contouring you can handle from Kim's own makeup line.

(above): Designs by Malan Breton showcased by Mason Grammer (Kelsey Grammer's daughter) capture the typically fairytale-esque aesthetique of Breton's opulent ouvre;

(below): Scrunchies are back! They are retailing for USD$35 each from Mansur Gavriel and were spotted amongst the more fashion-forward Gen Z crew at NYFW SS2018;

(below): Marc Jacobs served up a bold array of shades on the runway;

(below): Makeup trends are all about illuminators and jewel-eye tones.

(above): Glamazons a-plenty stalked the runway at Montce Swimwear, giving us a hint that Summer 2018 is set to be the hottest yet. See you at next year's show!

By the way...for those in the know, the calendar dates below will be no surprise. For everyone else, FYI:

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