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Fast Toys Club: California Car Fantasies

Los Angeles is the ultimate car city, so where better to indulge in automobile fantasy and turn it

into reality than the City Of Angels. Thanks to the innovative concept of Fast Toys Club, it is

possible to drive a different supercar every day of your holiday or stay cocooned in luxury in a

favourite vehicle for as long as you want.

(above: Arrive in Fast Toys style at The Willows, Palm Springs' most exclusive mansion hotel.)

Fast Toys Club, the brainchild of savvy French entrepreneur Chris Carel, is a members-only

association that functions as a library of exotic cars, allowing members to borrow cars for a day out (or longer) in an exceptional automobile. There are different levels of membership permitting various numbers of hours per year, allowing members to take the wheel of beautiful vehicles such as those from Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, or Rolls-Royce which, among other fine cars, constitute the Fast Toys Club fleet.

(above: One of the fast toys from Fast Toys Club.) The need for speed can even be taken up a notch through the rental of a race car; anyone who has ever wanted to feel like a Formula 1 driver can realise that fantasy thanks to Fast Toys Club; track days take place every month. Drivers wanting to improve their motoring skills can talk to the coach, perhaps while enjoying the lunch included on the day.

Happily for travellers in Los Angeles, Fast Toys Club permits car hire on a daily or weekly basis

for out of town visitors who want the same thrill as the club's members. Most of the cars are two-seaters, which make them especially suitable for solo travellers or honeymooners wanting a special experience in California. For corporate team-building or incentive experiences, or simply for a family or group of friends wanting to take a holiday together, Fast Toys Club can assemble a set of cars for personalised driving tours, which are also offered for single drivers grouped together so they can have the chance to drive several different cars over the 100-mile itinerary.

(above: Step inside the Fast Toys' garage and choose your toy!)

A dazzling McLaren 675LT, stylish Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, speedy Lamborghini Huracan

Spyder and appropriately named Ferrari California T are among the vehicles currently available

for the ultimate in fast toys to see beautiful California whether on a multi-day excursion to Santa

Barbara or Palm Springs or on an afternoon of shopping in Beverly Hills.

(above: Fast Toys' Gullwing McLaren).

Of course, non-residents of California can join Fast Toys Club if they so desire. The frequent or

long-stay visitor with a suitably generous expense account can become a member and enjoy

exclusive experiences beyond the cars themselves.

Fast Toys Club members can attend track events, gain VIP access to races and auto shows, and benefit from chauffeur service and complimentary fuel. Ferrari lovers will be especially pleased to know that Fast Toys Club has a Ferrari 488 GTB in its inventory, (below), allowing excited motorists to bypass the two-year wait list for delivery and get behind the wheel of this splendid automobile immediately.

In addition to LA, Fast Toys Club also maintains an office in San Francisco where a different set of cars is available for driving experiences around the city or further afield to Monterey, Carmel and along the famous Highway 1, providing the opportunity to see the beautiful California coast in high style.

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