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London Calling! Fashion Week Highlights

Everybody whom is anybody was seen at the London Fashion Week shows (between September 14th - 19th) but it was often more a case of making a point of not only going to SEE the runway shows but of course to be SEEN attending (and of course, IN the FRONT row, thanks!)

For your reference, here's a link to the full schedule of shows and events: Naysayers as usual were whingeing (like whingeing Poms, really) that "there was nothing NEW" on show. I beg to differ! Burberry seemed to serve up some delightful new takes on their standard styles with Power Clashing front and centre of their Spring Summer 2018 (that's "SS18" for newbies!) styles.

(below): Serving up tartan and plaid with a twist is de rigeur these days at Burberry. Naturally, with the approval of "Vogue" USA's editor in chief, Anna Wintour, (right, with her ubiquitous shades), the head designer / CEO of Burberry and the Burberry Group, Christopher Bailey, (left) continues to be in the spotlight having overcome the naysayers whom tut-tutted at the start of his career that he was simply "too young" to handle the role. Well, 17 years in and the hard working (Taurean, May 11th, 1971) Christopher is showing no signs of slowing down. As for Anna (born November 3rd, 1949, age 67) and her enviably lithe physique, well that's a credit in part to her daily 5am tennis games! Looking good on you Anna!

Meanwhile you couldn't move for A-listers in the audience including the triumvirate of modeling de jour (yesteryear, let's face it), with perennials such as Naomi Campbell, (age 47 but looking not a day over 30), plus feisty Cara Delevingne (age 25) and Kate Moss (age 43) bringing instant cred to the Burberry crowd.

(below): Heads were turning for all the right reasons at Ralph and Russo as they presented collars, earrings and accessories featuring faux feathers and diamante details.

(below): Beauty at Versus Versace is all about dramatic eyeliner and pale tones:

(below): Winnie Harlow and friends backstage at LFWSS2018.

(below): LFWSS2018 Prada.

(above): D.Gnak debuted its edgy sartorial style at LFWSS2018.

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