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Jewellery: David Morris, The London Jewellers

What do Beyonce, the Queen, J-Lo and Jerry Hall have in common? They're all fans of gorgeous jewellery from the family brand known as David Morris: The London Jewellers.

The family company specialises in high end, luxury jewellery and are the official jewellers of the Royal Family (the Windsors), being responsible for creating the Queen's crown and the stunning tiaras worn by the extended family. It seems that the royals, celebrities and diamond collectors among us are in good hands! (below: Pink Opal with Sapphires, Emeralds and Citrines).

Meeting with Phoebe Morris, gemmologist, dramaturg and grand-daughter of Crown Jeweller, David Morris and daughter of Jeremy Morris, at an event organised by luxury brand consultant, Caroline Roberts at the David Morris store within the Peninsula Hotel shopping arcade, is an insight into a world of fine jewellery on the most impressive scale. (below: Goldrush Editor in Chief, Christina M. Morrison meets Phoebe Morris).

The ideal ambassador for her family's famous international legacy, Phoebe Morris exudes enthusiasm and why not? The stunning diamonds and rare gems Phoebe has the opportunity to promote are completely unforgettable. (below: If you like it, then you'd better put a David Morris ring on it).

Perhaps that's why Beyonce, (below, in David Morris diamond hoop earrings and bracelet), Jennifer Lopez, Jerry Hall and the Windsor family are all fans. Only Oprah Winfrey's smile could (almost) out-dazzle the stunning earrings she also purchased from the David Morris brand, a moment showcased in the book, "Celebrating 50 Years of David Morris," by Cultureshock Media, (edited by Malcolm Cossons).

Equally unforgettable is the image of Jerry Hall and Marie Helvin (below) in head-to-toe ice at a charity event for Barnados, 1988, as they rock diamond earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings and bracelets by David Morris the London Jewellers.

(below: Phoebe chats with jewellery fans from Washington in the Peninsula Hotel arcade Desmond Morris store, in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, during a special visit arranged by Caroline Roberts).

Phoebe explains to Goldrush Magazine that the business is very much about having a "family-run" feeling and to wit, the company has been dealing with the same diamond-traders and related industry representatives for many years. It's an industry, as you can imagine, which is based on mutual trust and dedication to quality. (below: Faking it is not an option with a diamond-solid reputation to uphold! This pink diamond ring is for serious collectors only!)

Sitting down to talk about jewellery with Phoebe gives you the sense of a truly unhurried shopping experience as can only happen when you're in the presence of someone who's not only an expert in terms of knowledge of their product but of being with someone who genuinely enjoys sharing information about their product. (below: One? Or Three? More is more when it comes to David Morris bracelets).

The experience is personal, intimate and completely professional on every level. Put simply, it's "world-class." (below: Hong Kong-based international luxury brand expert / consultant, Caroline Roberts, with Phoebe Morris in the Peninsula Hotel store for David Morris: The London Jewellers).

In the David Morris store in the Peninsula arcade, you honestly feel that time has literally stood still and that you have been transported to another time and place. After all, isn't that the kind of timelessness that you hope fine jewellery will afford you? (below: Emerald and diamond necklace by David Morris).

It seems that in terms of remaining relevant to the next generation of diamond-buyers, the marketing team at David Morris have nailed it, which is not an easy task when you're dealing with an image that needs to also appeal to even the most conservative of shoppers (ie HRH Queen Elizabeth and her family!) (below: broadening the buyership by appealing to multi-cultural buyers, plus young women whom are seeking the next hot trends, is one tactic for growing the next generation of diamond buyers, as demonstrated in this stunning piece of hand-jewellery by David Morris the London Jewellers and by the edginess of the newer advertising campaigns, at bottom).

So whether you are a serious collector or simply care to dream of the day when you can invest in one, or several, pieces from the David Morris collections, what remains clear is that the brand itself is on a definite upward curve which will obviously stand it in good stead for the next fifty years and beyond. (below: the book by Cultureshock Media). (copyright,

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