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The Top 5 RTW Trends of the Season by Amelia Rule


For our Australian readers, Covid restrictions are gradually beginning to ease. So, with the Southern Hemisphere's warm weather finally permitting those hard-earned picnic days, Spring, and the accompanying fashion, is officially here! These are our Top 5 Spring trends to get you out of your slippers. (Below: Wide Legged Pant, by Pretty Young Thing.)

Wide leg / suit pants

While ditching the sweats may seem daunting, the 2021 Spring season isn’t abandoning comfort just yet. Instead, replacing sweatpants with a lightweight wide leg trouser or suit pant can do the trick. Showcased everywhere from the runways of Louis Vuitton and Chanel to affordable collections like Venderby's and Bassike, suit pants are heralding a new age of comfy style. Influencer Matilda Djerf is our spring style icon. Her brand Djerf Avenue holds a range of neutral suit pants and a collection of bold tailored trousers. Paired with a tight-fitting tee, these pieces create the perfect everyday look as the weather begins to warm.

(Above: Djerf Avenue must-have pants; Below: Blouse & Shorts, also by Djerf Avenue and also made from 100% sustainable materials.)

Linen / terry towelling

Linen shirts are another spring style sported by Djerf. A classic oversized button up shirt in a neutral linen or

the quintessential businessman blue stripe has made its way all over Instagram - perfect to be thrown over

swimwear or a slim tee.

Making the transition from the back of the bathroom door to a range of tops, dresses and pants - Terry Towelling is also making an appearance for another season. Terry Towelling is now achieving runway recognition, with Bottega Veneta showcasing a brilliant green, full length terry dress as its final look in their SS21 collection (below.)


Whilst the unofficial Melbourne uniform is all black, bright colours are truly rivalling that position this Spring. Blanca epitomises vibrancy in their Spring looks, from bold pink dresses, colourful bike shorts and two-tone oversized shirts. The collection has created an effortless yet dynamic look for Spring. However, neutrals are not yet on their way out. Notably, dark brown, which rose in popularity during the Winter, in wide leg pants and ribbed singlets, seems to be sticking around this Spring season. Coloured jewellery is also making an appearance. Originating in the design room of Le Manso, bright chunky resin rings are going to be everywhere this Spring and Summer, sported by celebrities and influencers alike. Yet we doubt this trend will last due to the historically fluctuating popularity of chunky, statement jewellery, so we don’t suggest rushing to spend $150 on a plastic ring! However, as far as a dopamine-boost, brighter colours may just be the cure for getting out of lockdown PJs.

(Above: Bella Hadid is front and centre of the plastic jewellery revival, as a fun flashback to the 2000s.)

Luxury sportswear

If you're still stuck at home, with excursions to the supermarket being the weekly highlight, luxury sportswear is all you need to transition into Spring. Despite the monstrosities that this pandemic has graced us with, one positive has emerged – the flexibility of ‘Active Wear’. With crew necks and sweats holding the limelight during the past two years in Melbourne, it’s no surprise that brands like Sporty and Rich and Mr. Winston have formed their own cult-like fan base, creating exclusive and limited drops of their luxury lounge wear.

Meanwhile, if traditional trackies aren’t your thing, Mui Mui (above) and Balenciaga have launched their take on designer tracksuits, with an emphasis on comfort for all occasions. Essentially, this Spring is seeing an amalgamation of style and comfort to help shake off the lockdown cabin fever but maintain that sense of ease that post-pandemic culture demands!

by Amelia Rule, Melbourne Fashion Writer.


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