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Photography: Todd's World

Photographer Todd Anthony Tyler: TAT He photographs top models and celebrities for Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and major brands’ advertising campaigns. His aesthetique is reminiscent of leading photographers such as Helmut Newton and edgy fashion lens man Terry Richardson, yet his contemporary style is all his own. In a legendary story – which happens to be true – he sold his pet horse so he could buy a camera. He’s the self-taught photographer who is known for disarming his subjects with his laconic wit and laid-back style and for, on the other hand, admitting his obsession with exacting the craft once bordered on “psychotic.”

He believes he’ll die with a camera in his hand. Over the top? Maybe. Unforgettable? Definitely. Welcome to the world of international fashion photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler (shown below, jogging on the beach in Malaysia). Enter a reality in which regularly rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous is de rigeur yet be reminded Tyler is respected amongst industry-insiders for his sincerity and humility about his prodigious talent. Tyler is lauded, along with his wife Karina Smith, a stylist, photo-editor and former-fashion model, for holding icon-status in fashionista circles in the world’s biggest cities, from Shanghai, to Beijing, to Manila, Singapore, Bangkok, to Toronto, Paris and Tokyo. With Karina working with him assisting on photo-shoots, completing some graphic design and photo-retouching, Tyler’s tour-de-force has never been stronger. The prolific photographer’s commitment to his art and integrity as a professional render him one of the most sought-after photographers not only in Shanghai, where he is based, but worldwide. So when a top-line photographer couldclearly settle in any international locale, why choose Shanghai? Tyler claims he is “based in Shanghai because it is currently the most exciting city on the planet.”

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Todd's fashion photography (below) has seen him ranked in the world's top three fashion photographers.

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