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Just Fold Origami with Scott Ghex (Butler)

Enter a world where form meets function and beauty takes on a new meaning with Scott Ghex (Butler) and his insight into creating superlative origami art. Since the Edo Period of Japan (from 1603-1867), Traditional Japanese Origami has continued to be recognised as one of the most difficult to perfect forms of paper art/crafts.

Today, origami is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as collectors of unique art forms clamour to request insta-perfect event-displays, party theme decorations and unique statement-gifts for corporate and personal use. Front and centre of this trend is Australian Scott Ghex (Butler) of Just Fold Origami who chats here about his life and work as an artist. Interviewer: "Who is Just Fold Origami?"

SG: "Just Fold Origami is me; self taught artist Scott Ghex (Butler)." (left: The artist, Scott Ghex (Butler); below: Stunning new origami from his company, Just Fold Origami.)

I: "Come on, we need to know a bit more than that. So let's start with a bit about your history."

SG: "Gee let's not get too nosy! I’ll keep this brief as possible! I consider that I grew up in Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia. After attending Teachers' College in Lismore I taught primary age students at various locations throughout Queensland, eventually becoming a principal and then an Education Advisor IT. During that time I was married with three children however divorced sometime around the mid 1990’s, and coming out as a gay male. In 2001 I had to retire from teaching which lead to an 18 month break from work. After that I had several occupations, from Floor Manager at a busy cafe/restaurant, Counsellor working with LGBTQ youth at risk, a state manager of an IT training company, to sales/retail. In 2007 I became HIV+, and then five days after that the man whom I had been in a relationship with, but had very recently separated from but still loved, hung himself. It was at that point that I stopped all artistic endeavours. By 2011 I was too unwell to continue working and ordered by my specialist to stop working. Six months later I picked up the paint brushes for the first time in four years and began working on a series of works that are about my views on life and death, titled "The Neil Series," which can be found on my other page called 'Ghex Art.'"

(above: Lotus origami created by artist, Scott Ghex (Butler).)

SG: "In August 2011 I left Brisbane and returned to my home area, residing in a small cabin with my companion animal. The cabin was located in an area far removed from people and what I call 'people drama.' Eighteen months later I was diagnosed with Burkett's Lymphoma, a very aggressive form of cancer which without treatment would have killed me within six months; I was informed that this type of cancer (in my case) was the direct result of my HIV status. The day before I was to begin treatment in Lismore NSW Australia I was flown to St Vincent's Hospital Sydney, NSW, where I remained for six months. I have now been in remission for around four and a half years. Despite the trauma of that experience and the obvious fears it still raises for me I believe it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learnt to interact with people again (rather than be a recluse). It made me strong, fiercely independent, and utterly self reliant. During the six months that I was there I would draw the things I saw when I was too sick to open my eyes, and out of that was born the series titled 'The Chemo' series, one of which I am proud to say hangs on a wall in the ward that was my home. Recovery from the massive amount of chemo is still ongoing but I'm a stubborn individual. Nothing and no one will beat me."

I: "How did you come to Origami?" SG: "During a visit to Sydney with my then partner in 2016 my health took a turn for the worst and I found myself constantly exhausted, vomiting, having a flu for three months, with several occurrences of Glandular fever. I found myself simply moving from the bed to the lounge and back each and every day. I realised that if I couldn't keep my body active I definitely needed to keep my mind active and that is how the origami began."

SG: "What began as a means of staying sane has grown into a fledgling business that I hope will one day allow me to create the intricate and original designs that I have already started to experiment with, plus provide a means to supplement my meagre living allowance and solve my current housing crisis. Then one day I'd love to hold my own exhibition. Origami requires precision, accuracy and problem solving; it focuses the mind and filters out worldly distractions, it also allows my creativity to exist and bloom. Art/craft/creation has always been in my system and I have done it for as long as I can recall. Like my fierce independence, self reliance and utter stubbornness, it is a part of me - and it's a part that gives me pride and self esteem, and like my other characteristics its a part of me that I am fiercely protective of. My origami can now be found in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and China, as well as my home area. So is that enough for you?" I: "Yep I think you have covered everything, and more!" For interviews and to order custom made origami, you can contact the artist at:


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