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Grace Huo: New Works

Goldrush Magazine is delighted to welcome writer Grace Huo to our team as Sydney Correspondent. Grace can be found wandering the streets of Sydney, especially in the drizzling rain. Grace was born and raised in China, started learning English at 11 and moved to Australia by herself at the age of 14. She's now studying at the University of Sydney and in her spare time she types away about the things she thinks, sees and feels. She's in love with this city and wants to share it with you. For starters, here's a selection of poetry by Grace and be watching for her "Best Of" guide to what's hot in Sydney.

Too young to die

You’re always on my mind

Dancing through the night

Anyone you find

Are they worth your time?

There’s nowhere else to turn

No place else to go

So the only road

Goes ahead, ahead of you

And you’re ahead of your time

So you climb, walk, stumble and run

You’ll get where you want, but in the meantime

Let’s sing, let’s dance

Maybe you’ll meet a stranger on a bus

And have a one night stand

Give it a try

You could be the best of friends

I’m not writing this for you

But for me, and all of us

Because I know the feeling too

The lows are too low, and you have to put on a show

You can speak to me

If you’re petrified

Come closer, in this place we’re safe

And when you settle down by the fire place, I’ll say:

"Just hold on baby,

for two more days and a night”

I’ll meet you there

And we can

hug (tightly, with my head on your shoulder);

sing (loudly, with a hoarse voice);

and dance (carelessly, in the moonlight).

If you feel like it,

we can also cry

Shed as many tears as you want,

before the sunrise

It’s not time yet,

to kiss me goodbye

Let’s try to hold on,

for three more days and two more nights

You’ll be ok,

even if you don’t believe in an afterlife, because

We’re still alive,

and too young to die

Another drink or two

Pick up another drink or two

Tomorrow is dawning, so is your booze

You never thought you’d make a habit of it

Until you have, kneeling sick in the loo

You had one to relax, it just hit you too soon

And you always wonder, how this liquor was brewed

Why does it make you feel so good?

I’m too young to have this problem, there is too much to lose

When the feelings are blurred, we can swallow the truth

But don’t panic, I will be here for you too

I know your anxiety repeats on a loop

Before we have to leave, with other things to do

Let’s pick up another drink or two

C’est la vie

Finger tips soaked with ink

Mirror smeared by lipstick in pink

Dreams flying away like a helium balloon

Orange sky, looming flames inside

Feels like the doom, sighs

Dry eyes, don’t cry

Heavy pace, end of the street

Palmed face, short breaths

Torn emotions, real shame

Living is pain, get over it

Hit a wall, steady the walk

Pick up your pace, c'est la vie (such is life).

My world

I can't cry because my emotions aren't real

I can't be loud because I'm too small

I can't have an opinion because I'm too young

I can't travel anywhere because it's not safe

I am a prisoner anywhere I go

And I am just a little less respected

Because I don’t have the same muscles as them

I am looked down upon

Because I only reach their shoulders

We don't need feminism

If you think women shouldn't speak

If you think women aren't important

If you think we can't be loud

We stand here nonetheless

Tomorrow is my future

Her future

Our future

Women will rule the world

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