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Travel: Zurich Airport VIP Services by Robert La Bua

Editor's Note: Goldrush Magazine's senior Travel Writer, Robert La Bua, has been jet setting to to upscale, posh and decadently over the top destinations for years. Now, he's addicted. We join him to find out why Hong Kong's airport is soon to copy Zurich's in terms of providing super-posh options for VIP clients (like Robert) plus celebrities, ladies who lunch, diplomats, CEOs and their friends. Tip: Robert La Bua always finds out where the nicest places are before any other travel writers do.

VIP At ZRH: Zurich Airport's VIP Services Ensure A Smooth Experience From One Door to the Other. aka Why I can't stop travelling to posh places. Most of the stress of air travel comes at the airport, where crowds, guards, weather and other factors outside an individual's control can have a major impact on the start or end of the flight experience. Recognising that VIP flyers have special needs,

and seeking to be associated with flying in the most positive manner possible, an increasing number of airports around the world offer premium services to make the airport experience as smooth as possible. Zurich Airport's VIP Services is one of the world's best airport handlers for wealthy, powerful, or time-­starved travellers. Already a leg up on other locations thanks to being based in Switzerland, the VIP Services department at Zurich Airport, a well­run facility whose compact size belies its extensive global connections, sees to it that VIP clients enjoy their airport experiences to the point of encouraging them to spend more time at the airport before or after their flights. One look at Zurich Airport's beautiful VIP lounges and the idea seems rather appealing. Completely separate from the lounges of individual airlines serving the airport, the two dedicated VIP lounges are truly exclusive sanctuaries for the select few. The smaller yet still spacious arrivals lounge is a delightfully serene welcome to Zurich; with the feeling more of a grand living room than an airport lounge, the VIP arrivals lounge makes a perfect place to collect oneself along with a few chocolates before continuing the journey into Zurich or elsewhere in Switzerland.

The larger lounge, used for both arrivals and departures, is a gleaming salon of sleek modernity meant to engender a sense of wellbeing; whether that wellbeing comes from a glass of champagne, a nap on one of the deluxe daybeds, or a hand massage in the unique La Prairie room is up to the client.

Whether on a commercial or private flight, a passenger using Zurich Airport's VIP services is greeted on arrival at the aircraft door by a uniformed escort who takes the client down the steps of the Jetway to a luxury automobile waiting on the tarmac. A short drive to a private Immigration desk precedes arrival at the lounge; any checked baggage is retrieved by an airport employee. (below: It's all about day-beds, dining in style and avoiding the crowds and, the dreaded queues.)EndFragment

META DATA DATA The client is encouraged to enjoy the lounge until ready to depart, at which time the client is escorted with their bags to a limousine, to the railway station directly below the airport terminal, or back to the tarmac for a connecting commercial flight or an aerial transfer by Swiss Helicopter, which can whisk travellers to any corner of the country in little more than an hour at the maximum. On departure, the process is reversed. Though security requirements preclude a private experience for this step in airport procedures, the VIP Services escort does the utmost to expedite the process and minimise any stress that may occur from unforeseen circumstances. Enjoy! By Robert La Bua (below), Travel Writer.


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