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Motoring: Elite RentaCar in High Gear

The Road To Gratification-Travel Happiness Shifts Into High Gear

Travellers accustomed to the best the world has to offer in travel experiences expect arrangements be made to fit their schedules, not the other way around. While private jet travel affords the freedom and flexibility to fly on demand and utilise small, uncongested airports for maximum efficiency of time, there is only one way to travel on one's own schedule on the ground and that is on four wheels. Whether heading to Bavaria's Neuschwanstein Castle or Les Calanques near Cassis, a car is the best option to see Europe's many beautiful sights off the beaten path. (below: Elite RentACar options will see you swiftly & smoothly make your way through Europe's most picturesque areas, in style).

No less important, of course, is the driving experience itself. Few places in the world can offer the stunning scenery of the Grande Corniche or the sheer exhilaration of acceleration on a stretch of a German autobahn; these are experiences impossible to have without driving. Elite Rent­A­Car's stellar selection of the latest models of the world's finest automobiles make travel by car on one's own schedule a comfortable, even sumptuous, experience.

Among the most recent additions to the Elite fleet are the McLaren MP4­12C Spider, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, the Lamborghini

Huracán, and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage S, which join the Bentley Continental GT, Rolls­ Royce Ghost, and Maserati Gran Cabrio among the many types of vehicles available for self-­drive experiences in Europe's most exclusive destinations. Whether skiing in Gstaad, sunning in Saint-Jean­Cap­Ferrat, or attending the opera in Vienna, Elite clients are looked after by an attentive

team working out of a number of offices across the continent. Elite offers set driving tours of fifteen days' duration along some of Europe's most scenic roads.

Those wonderful little destinations difficult to reach by any other means of transport than automobile are effortlessly enjoyed with Elite's tours; the beautiful landscapes of the Black Forest, the Bernese Alps, the Tuscan countryside, or the Côte d'Azur can be savoured at will. Regardless of the type of tour, all of Elite's tour clients are given a personal welcome and explanation of their itineraries before departure.

On escorted tours, the client is accompanied by an escort car and a tour leader who navigates the route. The routes are planned with ample driving time each day; Elite can also arrange the accommodation as necessary along the way. Additionally, the company can put in place any number of exceptional experiences for its clients to enjoy along their driving routes. A private visit to the Palace of Versailles, a private tour of a watchmaker's workshop, or even a hand on the switch to turn on Geneva's famous Jet d'Eau—the Elite experience is measured not just by the time spent behind the steering wheel.

For individual drivers, driving routes can be easily followed with a preprogrammed GPS; further guidance is available from an Elite concierge via telephone around the clock, seven days a week.

Devoted automobile aficionados will enjoy Elite's group driving tours in which the group's drivers each start off in a special automobile, then take turns behind the wheel of the other cars as the trip progresses. A private guide is with the client every step of the way. Not that Elite Rent­A­Car's clients necessarily need to do the driving. For many people, the back seat is the place to be while leaving the driving to an expert familiar with the local roads. Elite's chauffeur ­driven services include airport transfers and local tours as well as exploration beyond the city limits. Exceptional automobiles such as the Bentley Flying Spur and the Rolls­Royce Phantom are perfect for families or friends travelling together, with room to spare for the rewards of shopping sprees along Bahnhofstrasse or rue du Faubourg Saint­Honoré. (for more information about how you can experience everything that Elite RentACar has to offer, click on the image below):

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