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7 fashion tips from Milan to You.

My name is Mariel Gonzalez. I am a travel addict, food lover and fashion industry professional. I

am proud and happy to say that I was “made in Mexico” and I’m now living the Italian lifestyle in

Milan. Hope you enjoy reading my articles!

You can follow me on Instagram at: mariel_glez #LaChapaCastaña

Milan is known as one of the most fashionable and stylish cities in the world, thanks to its young and

elegant “It”-girls and boys (such as model/blogger, Chiara Ferragni, below):

From Chiara Ferragni to Chiara Biasi (below) and male influencers such as Mariano di Vaio, Milano, (as written in Italian), proves that when the word “Italian lifestyle” is mentioned, we should not only think about pizza, pasta and gelato, but also that this contemporary and sophisticated metropolis gives birth to individuals who have become a source of worldwide inspiration for the entire fashion industry.

Taking my cues from annual highlights such as Milan Fashion Week, I’m bringing you all the latest trends immortalised as they are re-interpreted from the fashion shows on the streets of the city.

Check out my 7 fail-proof tips to create a perfect look for every day of the week, based on the Italian city which creates fashion empires: “Milano”.

  1. Let yourself be seduced by punk and grunge inspiration (below):

Studs, fringes, floral prints and leather have come back stronger and sexier than ever. Shredded jeans (below) are also de rigeur.

(above: Selena Gomez spotted strutting it in Milan in sky high stiletto sandals with lashings of leather).

  1. The new British: Tweed (below) is without a doubt the most comfortable and trendy option for this fall/winter 2016/7. Prints such as the classic “Prince of Wales” mixed with intense reds and metallic are another great option. Pair these with Chelsea boots or sassy heels to complete your outfit.

  1. Bomber Jackets! (below) You will never have enough of them. The classic jacket that was worn by pilots from the 20th century, reinvents itself in all of its versions: sporty, feminine and military. It’s perfect to wear during the day or for a night outfit.

  1. Mix & Match different textures and prints, but be careful! Even though everything is allowed, mixing also has its rules and codes. (below: American singer, Gwen Stefani, spotted in leopard print with winter knits such as a tartan scarf).

Try mixing velvet dresses with satin, laces, or an animal print such as those created by Moschino. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Also don’t forget the power of multitasking denim! Wear it in trench, trousers, jackets and shirts. (below: Never underestimate the power of tartan).

  1. Working look: male-style patterns to fill your closet, such as the classic look, the casual business look, carefree chic, glamorous looks that can translate into office wear, plus outright sophisticated office wear, simple and feminine looks, along with loose-fitting XXL garments. Be inspired by the second half of the 1930s with wide-legged pants that are cinched in at the waist.

(above: Get inspired with a chic look by Milan-based brand, the legendary, Armani)

6. What about accessories? Pompoms are SO everywhere right now in Milan! Wear them either on your shoes or on your bags. This cute accessory is becoming a fever that you definitely should try to catch.

(above: Faux fur pompom stiletto sandals)

(above: Pompom trend by Asos)

(above: by L.K. Bennett)

(above: DIT Pompom options).

(above: Get the look with a pompom moment).

7. As for a girl’s best friend? Well, aside from diamonds, think BAGS. For this northern hemisphere winter 2016/7 bags are big and worn over the shoulder. You’ll also be seeing satchel bags carried across the body. For this season, details and metallic in gold or silver (below) are the top choice.

No matter which style you prefer, just remember that a smile and kind attitude never go out of fashion!

Enjoy the looks we have collected for you! See you next time! Ciao! Mariel Gonzalez.

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