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What's your Alibi?

There's still time to select a memorable Christmas gift from this NYC-based jewellery brand, known as "Alibi." All the top models are fans and fashion-savvy celebs such as FKA Twigs, Elizabeth Moss and Solange Knowles are constantly being papped bedecked with edgy, sexy jewellery designed by the head of Alibi, Jo Liu. (below left: Solange Knowles spotted in Alibi earrings; middle & right: singer/songwriter, FKA Twigs is also an Alibi fan).

(below: Earrings, earcuffs, rings, bracelets and necklaces by Alibi have a distinctive edge that screams New York City individuality in a way that no other jewellery can. If you can carry it off? That's your Alibi!)

(below:At USD$110, the Linear Knuckle Ring designed by founder of Alibi, Jo Liu, is the brand's bestseller).

Everything is based on a minimalist feel, honed by Jo Liu's background in fashion design and in her experience as an assistant designer at Jen Kao. Previously, Jo had completed not only a degree in Psychology and Economics from New York University but also a degree in Fashion design from the prestigious Parsons' School of Design in New York City.

Spending time in Florence, Italy, plus working alongside design greats and at top brands such as Suen-Cooper, Tina Tang Jewellery and more until in 2011, Jo opened her own jewellery studio. Each piece from Alibi is hand-made in NYC by Jo so the quality is a sure thing and she can control the whole creative process from inception to completion. (below: This pendant from Alibi exudes the simplicity and quality that are the essence of the brand).

This is why in-the-know jewellery fans are now dripping with Alibi's super sexy body-garment jewellery, cuffs and hinge-style rings. Each piece is designed to easily mix and match with any other piece from the same brand so you can basically build up a collection from one piece and take it from there.

You'll notice that fashion media doyennes from all the glossy magazines have been clamouring to feature Alibi jewellery; it's affordable but unique and will get you noticed for all the right reasons. The cover of Vogue, Elle, Nylon, Paper, Foam, Diva, Harper's Bazaar and Audrey magazines are among some of the places where fans have noticed Alibi jewellery leaping out from the pages in full effect.

Find Alibi by Jo Liu in upscale boutiques, online and across North America plus across Asia.

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