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Shop the Look: Todd Anthony Tyler

When does art become fashion? Clearly, it happens when you endow fabric with prints of world-class photography...but only time will tell if this can become the runaway success that Todd Anthony Tyler is hoping for. Can the world's 3rd-best ranked photographer step seamlessly into selling fashion wear? Or is it just tempting fate to aim even higher?

Fresh from shooting the next season of Fit for Fashion TV in Malaysia, world-renowned photographer, television host, judge on various programmes including the "Next Top Model" series and a mainstay photographer for "Vogue," "Elle," "GQ" and of course us at "Goldrush," Todd and his model-turned-stylist wife Karina Smith, (shown below modelling the new range of TAT t-shirts) are now front and centre of their own fashion label.

Naturally, I did what any normal person would do and stalked Todd until he agree to be interviewed about this new venture (especially since he had told me that CHER as in THE. Cher. also collaborates with Vida!

Christina Morrison: "How did this fashion collaboration between you and Vida come to life?"

Todd Anthony Tyler: "I have been doing a range of fashion projects on a small scale, for example, projects such as my TAT by Todd Anthony Tyler T shirts, for several years now. I've been testing out a few designs and styles and seeing what works for me over all. In that process I was approached by a company called VIDA to see if I would be interested in collaborating. It didn't take me long after meeting Umaimah Mendhro (the founder of VIDA) to feel like it was a great fit between TAT by Todd Anthony Tyler and VIDA. What appeals to me in particular is that fact that VIDA has been focusing on giving back and doing quite a bit of charity work as a vital part of their business plan. This is something I really have been also trying to incorporate and do with TAT by Todd Anthony Tyler. I am excited as we have a growing line of products coming out currently with a range of pocket squares and soon, some T shirts in early 2017 as well cufflinks. You might ask yourself, 'Who really needs more pocket squares, T shirts or cufflinks?' However, the unique aspect about these products is that the designs are driven by images from my over 15 years of shooting fashion photography. Each piece is essentially an art piece based on an art/fashion image." (below: Todd's impeccable photography style is key to the essence of each pocket square, rendering them collectors' items).

CM: "What else attracts you to collaborating with VIDA?"

TAT: "Outside of sharing likemindedness on our business models and the unique nature of the products based on my fashion photography, I think what also makes VIDA and TAT by Todd Anthony Tyler a great combination is that VIDA allows me to work on my craft and they give me a platform to have my product created and purchased by those interested in my work. I also really like the personal care VIDA makes each time one of my products is sold in the way they package and hand write a note to the customer. There is a strong feeling at VIDA that they care about people and I really like that.

CM: " Working out and fitness are more popular than ever as we are being photographed more than at any other time in history and as health care becomes increasingly expensive and lifestyles more hectic, people have more and more reasons to stay fit and healthy. How do Vida and TAT clothes respond to the demands of people who may need to move seamlessly from the office to the gym? Do any of the clothes do"double duty" as fashion wear / office wear when teamed with the right jackets?" TAT: "Though my current line of products with VIDA are more so fashion based you are completely correct in how you have mentioned that people - and I do think in part from seeing themselves photographed on a more regular basis then anytime in history - are more fitness and body conscious which I think is a good thing if that means a positive impact to a person's health. With the T shirt line coming out there is certainly cross-over from the gym to street wear and even the option of dressing down a suit and wearing a unique T shirt design underneath. We also will be coming out later in 2017 with sports-specific products that also feature designs and imagery based on my fashion photography." (below: This pocket square opens up, in the following photo, to show that it's actually a work of art, showing Todd Anthony Tyler's cityscape photograph of Shanghai by night).

TAT: "The current range of products from TAT by Todd Anthony Tyler and VIDA are really just a starting point. We have the men's pocket squares (above and below) which can make for an interesting gift for those that seem to have everything and we also have currently women's tops that are designs that have been taken out of my fashion photography images. Then, as I have mentioned, something very exciting for me is happening early in 2017 in that we will have the T shirt line which I am very proud of. All the products are also very reasonably priced in my opinion which allows people to have a few pieces in their wardrobe for different occasions." (above: The pocket square opens up to show a collectible, printed-on-silk version of Todd's photography).

CM: "How do we go about ordering and how soon can shipping be arranged to most places around the globe?"

TAT: "Right now, ordering is done by going to the VIDA website. Delivery is quite quick as Vida uses express delivery and most order arrive in 2 to 3 days globally."

(above: Todd Anthony Tyler & his signature). TAT: "I am always interested, not only professionally but also personally, to receive feedback from people on the products. How people relate to the products and feel about value for money are quite important to me."

"You might also find it interesting as a point of interest for readers that Cher also collaborates with VIDA!" (below: American singer/songwriter, Cher, plus her children Chas & Elijah Blue, in 1986). CM: "Hmmm if Cher is involved I'm DEFINITELY checking this out!" CMM To read more about Todd's work as a photographer and TV host and how he took his career forward, please go to this page and find out out how he created a media empire from a single idea:

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