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Cannes 2017: Top Frocks & a few Shocks

(top): Elle Fanning, Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon arrive at Cannes. If shopping is indeed like sport for women (as shown by a San Francisco University study) and if the Met Gala is actually (as Andre Leon Talley said) the sports-equivalent "Super Bowl of Fashion" then the Cannes Red Carpet each year is the World Cup Final.

There is indeed something very classy and very European about the Cannes red carpet; it's not only because the event is obviously held in France each year but it's something about the cinematic nature of the event itself that seems to inspire a more ethereal, elegant atmosphere in the couture of choice. Guests try harder at Cannes to demonstrate their sartorially savvy aesthetique. They are less out to shock than inspire.

Having said that, the winning frock, in my opinion, is from Karl Lagerfeld, as worn by Ms Lily Rose Depp.

(above): Lily Rose Depp in Chanel - 10/10 Lily Rose Depp proves why she's Karl Lagerfeld's muse de jour and Karl proves why he's still everyone's favourite designer. This Grecian gown seems demure but once you glance at it side-on, you'll see it has another agenda. Props to Karl for adding Laurel Leaf embellishments in gold along the Raglan Sleeve line and at the cinched in waist, rendering this elegant frock even more memorable. (below) : Aishwarya Rai in Michael Cinco - 9/10 It may be awkward that there were no Indian films nominated at Cannes this year. Or...last year. In fact, the issue is leaving the Bollywood community divided over whether to actually continue attempting to convince the West to promote Indian cinema or to simply focus on growing the industry at home as a nation. This year India celebrates 70 years of independence and it would have been memorable to connect that with this being Cannes' 70th year too, however, as it stands, top movie stars such as Aishwarya Rai were still in attendance, in full force and in full glamour mode. What would have taken this spectacular gown to a 10/10 instead of a 9/10 would have been rendering it in bright yellow or fuchsia. This Disney-Princess-blue can quickly become wrung-out-dishcloth-blue in certain lighting conditions. Still, this kind of cut is what being "red carpet ready" is all about.

Moving right along, we really need to talk about Marion Cotillard's gown. (below): Marion Cotillard in Jean Paul Gaultier - 4/10 Sorry Marion; your cleverly designed (black, pinstripe) dress was lost in a sea of (black) tuxedos in the background. This proves my theory that wearing black to a "black tie" event is risky for women, as your silhouette can become basically blended with the men's suits behind and beside you. Why not go for a bright color and be remembered for all the right reasons? Wearing all black is so 2015! Plus with a gorgeous physique and complexion like Marion's would it not be fabulous to really stand out in the crowd just a little more?

(below): Elle Fanning in Vivienne Westwood - 9 /10 Elle Fanning is red carpet magic in a hand painted gown by Vivienne Westwood. The fabric features a unicorn motif hand painted by Vivienne herself. The makeup and styling match the hues of the gown perfectly. Elle herself has the ethereal, fairytale presence to carry it off.

(below): Hailey Baldwin in Twinset - 9/10 Hailey Baldwin gets high marks from me for this bold colour choice. It's the perfect red carpet moment and it's the ideal royal shade of blue that the French would just adore. Hailey is signed with IMG Models and is set to also be collaborating with Australia cosmetic brand, ModelCo. to bring out her own makeup line. Her father is the youngest of the Baldwin boys, Stephen (not Alec, the 30 Rock star / Trump impersonator.)

(below): Bella Hadid in Alandre Vautheir - 9/10 Bella may not necessarily ooze personality - I often find her expression quite sullen (and boring) - but maybe as a model (as opposed to an actress) she doesn't feel the need to lay on the charm 24 x 7. For now, she lets her jaw droppingly fabulous physique do the talking and it's definitely working. It was hard to top her appearance from last year but she still managed to stop the show with this slinky, yet elegant, satin number. Kudos to Bella also for making a point of rushing across the red carpet to meet and greet Susan Sarandon. Who says Millennials don't respect their elders?!

(above): Festival organizers Thierry Fremaux (general delegate) and president of the Cannes Film Festival group, Pierre Lescure. For the full list of films, click here.


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