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Kim Jones: Going out with a Bang @ Louis Vuitton

In Paris on Thursday, the "who's who" of fash descended upon the Palais-Royal for the fall 2018 Louis Vuitton menswear runway show. Walking with St. Martin's graduate and, for the last seven years, the brains behind some of Louis Vuitton's best-loved designs, designer Kim Jones, were none other than fash-pack icons Ms Naomi Campbell (she's the practical Taurus gal on the left) and stayer, (Capricorn-in-it-for-the-long-haul), Ms Kate Moss (right.)

Designer Kim Jones' announced early this week that after 7 years holding the reins at LV, he's ready to wrap it up so yesterday was his final show for the label. Kim Jones may be best loved for his streetwear interpretation of style but for his last show he added some touches of glamour that would reach a broader audience and guarantee he'll forever be in fashion's history books under "J" for "Just Fabulous."

(above) Iconic! Kim Jones' idea to invite streetwear brand, Supreme, to collaborate with luxury house Louis Vuitton was groudbreaking and revived both brands (bringing the hard to reach Gen Y and Gen Z shoppers to the labels in force to the point where the bags and hoodies were often sold out in most stores).

Did the Supreme & LV logo trend go too far? Maybe...For example, this Dubai young entrepreneur / heir, (below), known as "Money Kicks" (real name: Rashed Belhasa) whom was the first person to buy the Supreme/Louis Vuitton Ferrari (even though the young heir still has braces on his teeth and is still too young to have a driver's licence) marks the point where the trend peaked. (Of interest, Rashed was awarded the prize for Young Influencer of 2017 when his @rsbelhasa instagram page reached over 1 million followers).

Out of interest, you might want to take a look at Rashed's parents' new car sales centre in Dubai for a glimpse into their opulent world:

Supreme and LV Belts

Having studied fashion design at Central St. Martin's London and then taking Louis Vuitton by storm for seven years, bringing a unique streetstyle sartorial savvy to the runway, is just the beginning of Kim Jones' legacy. The designer is now rumoured to be either taking the helm at Versace or Burberry, according to fashion watcher/commentator, Cynthia Myers, who spoke with us backstage at the Paris show. "Kim is looking at a range of opportunities and let's just say that his next move is going to be even more interesting than any other work he's done to date," was all that Myers could reveal.

As to exactly where Kim Jones will continue to work his magic? Your guess is as good as ours but we'll keep you posted! Christina M. Morrison.

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