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Ali Dorani: The Artist's Way

Being fortunate enough to chat with the up and coming menswear model and established artist / cartoonist, Ali Dorani, this week, was such a highlight. We put together some questions for Ali to share a glimpse into his world where he's now based in Norway:

"Hi My name is Ali Dorani... I'm an artist (a cartoonist) under the pen name called 'Mr. Eatenfish'...

(above: Ali Dorani)

Christina Morrison: "Describe your interest in fashion? That is, what do you love about fashion and menswear?" Ali Dorani: "I love fashion because it helps me to express my personality and my feelings and to be however I like to be...Fashion can also invite people to experience a type of gallery of Arts which I'm in and it allows me to show the softer side of me... It's actually an experience of Art...As I'm an Artist and I love the arts..."

CM: "Can you tell us a little about your modelling plans?"

AD: "Well, I think I have what it takes to be a model...and my friends tell me I should be a model..."

CM: "Who are your favourite menswear designers at the moment?" AD: "I like menswear designs by Kim Jones, Giorgio Armani, Bijan and I really love Modern Designs and Street styles."

CM: "As a new model, are you interested in travelling to any particular cities in the future to be part of the fashion scene?"

AD: "I'm not really experienced in fashion as yet but I know modeling is much more than travelling; it's kind of a very hard type of work and and I know that if I plan to enter the industry on a serious level, I need to apply hard work if I want to get the chance to bring my dreams and wishes into the real life... So that means I will need to do what's the best for my future."

CM: "Is there a type of style that you really love?" AD: "Casual style is more in line with me; I like Street styles, plus colour t-shirts."

CM: "Your hair is clearly one of your most memorable features; is there a lot of maintenance involved?" AD: "I actually have to tell you that if you Google my artistic name (Mr. Eatenfish) and do some research you will see that I didn't have very good access to special hair products for the past five years. In that time, I had to look after my hair without accessing hair care products and my hair was actually always curly like that.. I love my hair so much. I m able to look after my hair more now that I'm in Norway."

CM: "What is your usual schedule these days in Norway?"

AD: "I wake up in the morning and have my breakfast, then I do some meditation and get to work... My work is drawing cartoons, so, I spend most of my time during the day focusing on my cartooning and really love it. I also cook sometimes but I'm not a good cook. I also like watching movies a lot."

CM: "How do you stay fit?"

AD: "I don't really need to try hard to stay fit.I do like playing table tennis and exercise some times. My body keeps fit naturally. No matter if I eat a lot or not, I have always the same weight."

CM: "What are your favourite foods?"

AD: "I like sandwich burgers too much! So I can have burgers for days and I still love it. Plus, ONE of my favourite soups is Chinese wanton vegetable soup which is the best soup I've ever tried...I m in love with Chinese foods!

CM: "What's your favourite book?" AD: " 'Lord of the Rings,' 'The Hobbit.'"

CM: "What's your favourite movie/show?" AD: " 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Whiplash,' 'LALA LAND' and a Korean Movie called 'Old Boy.'"

CM: "Please desrcibe yourself in five - ten words." AD: "I'm observant, sensitive, responsive and patient, plus I appreciate Beauty." (copyright: (below: Cafe Fuglen, Oslo).

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