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The Only Wedding Makeup advice you'll Ever Need

Hello Lovely Goldrush Readers! This is Lucy coming to you from sunny Brisbane, Australia. I am so honoured to be here again and to share with you some of the wisdom I have gained from my ten years as a professional hair and makeup artist. I have worked with many, many different clients over this time and I love helping them create their perfect look. We will look at a some images and I’ll give you a few tips and tricks and recommend products to help you achieve a similar look for your own special occasion or Wedding Day.

Stunning Wedding Day Brows

Our first look is beautifully classic and perfect for any Bride. (below, left). You'll note that this Bride's eyes have been made up with soft greys and a silver shimmer highlight on the inner corners. The outer corner has been given a cat’s eye shape with a darker charcoal shadow smudged along the lash line and underneath the eye. A slight crease has been created by blending a little of the charcoal back along halfway up the lid. The eye has then been lined with a paste liner and winged out for a sultry 1950’s look. Think Audrey Hepburn! Brows are also key to balance this look; fill them in with feathery strokes of a matte brow powder applied with an angled brow brush. Finish this look with a set of full lashes and lashings of black mascara. (below left: Your wedding brows create a dramatic statement that will frame your whole face for those wedding photos!)

Recommended Products: Shadow: Christian Dior 5 color designer palette- No. 718 Taupe (below)

Silver shimmer: Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Moonspoon (below)

Gel Eyeliner: Bobbi Brown- Long wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink (below)

Brows: Urban Decay Brow Box

Lashes: Huda Beauty Lashes in Lana #10 (below)

Show-Stopping Red Lips

The classic red lip is timeless and a show stopper! Whilst it can be a little high maintenance for your big day (all that social kissing and toasting!) it is not impossible. All you need are a few secret tips to keep lips looking perfect all day.

My all-time favourite red lipstick is the Retro Matte ‘Ruby Woo’ by Mac, it is a perfect cool, blue toned red and suits everyone and comes with its own perfectly matched lip pencil. Their Matte shade ‘Russian Red’ is brilliant too and a little deeper for a more classic look. So, you have all your products….. now what!? Make sure your lips are smooth and moisturized, a good preparation is to scrub them with a toothbrush and some pawpaw ointment prior to application. Now, line your lips with the pencil and fill in the lips. This will stop the lipstick from wearing off and leaving only a line around the outside of your lips! It also gives the lipstick something to grab on to. Now take your lipstick and fill in your lips, staying inside your lip liner. Then grab a tissue and place firmly over your lips and blot, then apply a second time and blot again. For extra staying power you can also take a large powder brush and set your lipstick further by blotting loose powder through the tissue! (old school trick!). If all of this is sounding a bit tricky, we also have wonderful options for ‘long lasting’ matte glosses! You just apply like a normal gloss and let dry.

My absolute favourite is Kat Von Dee’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in "Outlaw." (above). You can just apply and forget! The only down side, in my opinion is that it can wear away on the inside of the lips and can be a little drying but it certainly is much lower maintenance. (below: Feeling traditional? Go for it! Traditional Chinese weddings are back in style! I'd love to help you with your makeup and hair on the day. You can email me any time at Plus, ask me about arranging a wedding celebrant for you! Is it your first wedding? Or...are you renewing your vows!?)

(below: On the left, Ruby Woo; on the right? Russian Red, by MAC. They really are QUITE different but BOTH are, put simply, spectacular).

Wedding Belle Foundation

Of course, none of your makeup is going to look any good without a perfect base! A gentle facial scrub, moisturizer and being well hydrated will help create the perfect canvas for you to start with. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is lightweight but still provides good coverage. It comes in a variety of shades and the lightest shade is very pale and yellow based which is perfect for Asian complexions. I also recommend Makeup Forever High Definition foundation, it gives brilliant coverage and is designed specifically for photography, which makes it perfect for a flawless complexion on your wedding day. (below: Your secret weapon on your wedding day is long lasting Armani foundation!)

Upstage with Upstyle

When thinking about hairstyles for your wedding day it is important to consider the following.:What sort of veil or accessories will you be using? What would suit your features and the neckline of your dress? If you want to wear your hair down and, how well does your hair hold a curl? An upstyle is a good choice for most Brides; it will stay in place, you don’t have to worry about it blowing in your face, it’s nice and cool on a hot day, it won’t drop or get messy and it is very elegant and flattering.

It is also perfect for the addition of a veil or diamante clip, (above) or to show off some pretty earrings. There are many different up styles to choose from, some of the most popular are a ‘French Roll’, a loose ‘Chignon’ which can also be worn to the side and a "Ballet Bun" placed high up on the head. My favourite hair products are from a range called White Sands (below):

I use the "Firm Liquid Texture" (above) to protect hair from hot hair tools and to set the curls, the ‘Stuck Up Mega Hold Hairspray’ to keep your style firmly in place and the ‘Smudge Texture Cream’ to smooth down any fly-aways!

Wedding Manicure

Remember to also pay attention to your nails! All eyes will be on your hands during the ceremony and for the showing off of your new rings at the Reception. Old Hollywood red is a classic choice and stands out beautifully against a white dress. A French Polish manicure is neutral and lets your rings be the hero of the show, it is a soft pink base with white tips and is lovely and natural.

Of course, if you want something a bit more you can take the French Polish and add some bling by embellishing with some glitter or sparkles! More is more after all!

Be Present My final piece of advice for you on your Wedding day is not about hair or makeup, it is to make sure to take time to soak up the day and ENJOY it! You can be so busy talking to everyone, having pictures taken and being caught up in all the business that your day can be a total blur!

Take a few minutes after your vows to find a quiet place to connect with each other, to hold hands and to relish the moment! This is both of your special day after all! Remember, it is okay if not everything goes perfectly to plan.

The weather may not cooperate, the flowers might be slightly the wrong shade, the desserts may not be quite like you thought they would be, IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!! All that matters is that you are married and happy and together! Trust me, no one even notices the other small stuff! Good luck for your own special day! I know it will be amazing!

Xxx Lucy

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