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Style Central: Tamrell Hunter

She's an international singer currently touring the globe. She's also currently working on her own EP with Janet Jackson's producer, T.Lumpkins. She's also a DJ, dancer, model, song writer and music producer. She has her own channel on YouTube which she not only hosts but films and edits herself. She's appeared as a model in PHOTO VOGUE and her schedule is booked solid with interview requests and photo shoots for high fashion / couture labels.

She's Tamrell Hunter and while originally from Pasadena, California, she's come a long, long way to take centre stage to perform at her current gigs in Asia and the Middle East.

Tamrell chats with Christina Morrison about her experience with FUE hair treatments at LA Hair Clinic and how it links with her life and career.

Christina Morrison: “Hi Tamrell! Thanks for agreeing to speak with Goldrush again! Several months down the line, what are you noticing about the level of hair growth after your FUE treatment? Is it coming along the way that you imagined it would?”

Tamrell Hunter: “The level of growth after the FUE surgery was amazing. By the seventh month I felt comfortable wearing my hair freely without wearing scarves or using products such as Toppik (made of natural fibers) to temporarily fill in the recipient areas as the new hair grew in. I am extremely pleased with the results. The surgeon (Jaques Abrahamian) actually had a better vision than I did, regarding which areas were more important to fill in. I thought I wanted a perfect photoshop hair look, but now I realise it’s the imperfection that looks the most natural!”

Christina: “What products and treatment are you using these days?”

Tamrell: “Right now I use sulphate free shampoo and special conditioners that compliment my hair texture. Hair products made by Pantene, Carol’s Daughter and Cantu Shea Butter are a few over the counter products I buy or purchase online. I love using olive oil and homemade flaxseed gel as styling products. Touring internationally allows me to constantly experiment with new products. Every country follows its own regulations and I discovered products in general made by the same name will have different ingredients that have different effects on the hair and skin. Most importantly, I read the labels and use what makes my hair the healthiest.”

Christina: “Is there a methodology behind the way you brush and style it that will ideally not disturb the FUE treatment?”

Tamrell: “At this time the new hair has completely grown in, as strong and permanent as the rest of my hair. That said, however, I still use extra caution when combing the hair in the recipient areas. I’m still healing from the subconscious fears of losing the hair again, which is getting better with time. Having this surgery has completely changed my perspective on how delicate hair of any texture really is. Honestly, my fingers are the best comb as I wear my natural hair. I control the amount of tension being used and avoid unnecessary breakage while detangling my coiled hair pattern. I do use a wide tooth comb if needed and style my hair with none or very loose tension."

"I chose to have an FUE treatment due to having suffered from Traction Alopecia. As you may know, this is when the hair follicles have been subjected to constant pulling from, for example, hair extensions. You may have heard about people having bald patches in their scalp or along the hairline after having heavy hair extensions for long periods. So, after years of this pulling and traction, the result can be devastating for the scalp. This is where FUE comes in and restores the hair again but the follow up needs to include a gentle approach to the way you deal with your new hair from that point going forward. Your mantra has to be this: ‘Absolutely no more tight pulling!’”

Christina: “I recently had my hair done at Toni and Guy in Beijing and the guys spent, like, ages massaging my scalp during the shampooing and conditioning. It was so sublime and extremely relaxing but do you think it is THAT necessary? I mean, how essential is massaging the scalp? Is it really that important? Should I do it at home every day?”

Tamrell: “Yes, massaging the scalp daily is very important because it increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Plus it feels so great!”

Christina: “So now that there is more length, is it tempting to consider getting extensions again or would that not be an option right now?”

Tamrell: “The only type of extension or additional type of hair that I would consider wearing would be a type of loose fitting wig that I can remove at any given time. After having the FUE surgery, I was given a second chance to embrace and accept my natural hair at any length. Honestly, I’m still healing from the years of insecurities caused by traction alopecia. My confidence is growing day by day by a particular practice of repeating daily self-accepting affirmations on just about all topics, but especially the hair.”

Christina: “With the added length, what kind of fashion styling options are you choosing to go with it (for example, earrings, sunglasses, asymmetrical cut dresses)?”

(top: wrapping your hair in a silk scarf will protect it from the elements and is a chic day or evening fashion statement; above: Now THAT'S a COMB! This Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) comb is now part of the Smithsonian Institute collection of rare antiquities; below: Ornate comb with ibex, circa BC 1550);

Tamrell: “As my hair lengthens I love experimenting with styles such as a double strand twist, braided updos and also simply wearing my natural curls however they blossom for the day. Performing on stage and during photos shoots are gratefully the only times I wear exotic earrings, sunglasses and designer clothes. During leisure hours you can catch me in sweatpants and a tank top and on my head I’ll often be wearing a silk or satin scarf as means to protect my hair.”

Christina: “Do you see yourself doing any additional follow up FUE or is there enough growth for now?

Tamrell: “It’s been nearly two years since having the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and yes I am considering a follow up surgery in the future to add more density around the hairline, but I am so pleased with the growth so far, that this consideration may vanish. As my hair grows it tells a new story, changing my expectations of beauty. I’m still recovering from years of disguising and avoiding my natural look, so I’m willing to give more time for my hair to reach its full potential before making that decision.” Christina: “What is the best thing about this whole experience for you so far?”

Tamrell: “Ok this is really going to sound like a Hallmark Card…I’m beyond grateful and extremely humbled by this entire experience from losing the hair (which is a journey within the self), to meeting such talented and kind surgeons (which is, at the end of the day, a matter of having faith), to the technology that

makes this surgery remotely possible (representing the virtue of hope), to gaining my confidence back (representing the concept of strength), and most importantly having awesome platforms such as Goldrush Magazine to share and give it all back (indicating purpose). Thank you so much for this follow up article. I truly hope it helps those in need, as this experience continues to help me as well. Ciao for now!” GM




Fashion by Iris Wang:

Where to find: LA Hair Clinic is located in Pasadena, California.

Follow Tamrell Hunter on YouTube go to: “Hair Transplant FUE Recovery First 28 Days/African American/Tamrell.” To follow Tamrell’s music go to: and to follow her cousin Thomas, go to:

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