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Your March poetry-fix

Photo credit: Grace Huo

It's been a while since Gold Rush Magazine has published works from our editor, Grace Huo. Well, wait no longer! Here are some poems for you, our audience, in the hopes that you can relate, and find yourselves in these words.


In Between

In between

The gaps on the ceiling

Small bugs are chirping

And calling my name

They’re saying

I should go to you

My mother said

Not again

Don’t you go running

Back to this man

Who broke your heart ten times

What don’t you understand?

But my mind

Hasn’t reset

Like a broken record it

Replays the times, when

You made me happy

And your flaws cease to exist

So in between

Early evenings of

Pretending to be happy

And the tossin’ & turnin’ of

This midnight melody

I still miss you, too much—

more than I should say.


I used to be scared

Of ghosts

And the unknown

But at 14

I moved

To a land

I didn’t call home

And I saw

How people have secrets

That they’d do anything to keep

How they would do things

If you were not one of their own

So I was scared

Of ghosts no more—

But people;

And the things they would do

A country

And the government’s rule

Terrified me to the bone

I still live with fear, just

Not of monsters anymore

With Love,

Grace Huo, Editor of Gold Rush Magazine

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