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Into Martin's Musical World

Martin Charles Badway is burning up the music scene in selected venues across Sydney and he's caught the attention of Max Sharam (creator of Martin's latest video, "Mermaid Blues," below):

To fully appreciate an artist, you have to be immersed in their ouvre and, investigate what moves them. Grace Huo chats with Martin (below) to find out more:

Photo Credit: Martin C. Badway

Grace Huo: "Who or what is your greatest inspiration, creatively?"

Martin Charles Badway: "My greatest inspiration comes from other musicians, singers and songwriters such as: Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Joni Mitchell, Tata Vega, and Max Sharam. I also love some electronic artists such as Gold Panda and MC Yogi, but basically anyone with a distinctive timbre and a good set of lungs. I'm a sort of closet Celine Dion fan...well, not sort of, not now anyway....I've just come out (as a fan of Celine!)"

(above: Celine Dion's technically perfect technique render her "The Singers' Singer.")

MB: "I can't resist the perfect vocals, good technique and instantly recognizable sound. I also love her grammatical inflections."

GH: "Which musical era in has had the greatest impact on your creative choices over the years?"

MB: "The 80's undoubtedly had the greatest influence. I was born in 1980 so those power ballads were in full swing well into the 90's!"

GH: "What would you say is trending in the live music scene right now?"

MB: "Electronic music is definitely trending. There is so much cross over that hip hop, electronic, house, jazz and ethnicity are combining to bring about these hybrid forms of music. It's fantastic. I love the French artist Chaton. Australian Emma Dean makes some amazing tracks with some fantastical subject matter. I love metaphysics, sci fi and fantasy themes in music, but once again, for me, you cannot go past a skilled musician - an instrumentalist or songwriter who is talented."

"Just listen to Amy Winehouse’s voice...or Whitney Houston...Truly gifted! Perfection! I do love (those legendary) voices."

GM: "Do you have any upcoming or recent gigs or events you'd like to mention?"

MB: "I’m singing at Red Bar in Glebe Sydney for Australia Day...'Invasion' Day on 26th January at 7pm with a whole lot of other [amazing] Artists for the 'Queer as Fvck' Residency."

GM: "What can we expect from you in the next ten years? Any big plans you'd like to let us in on?"

MB: In the next ten years I would Like to have finished and released my album, Lived and worked in Europe, graduated from a postgraduate degree, romanced and married an incredible partner, and embraced every opportunity with love and willingness. I'm certain that there are other adventures that are simply not visible for me at this stage in the decades to come; I believe that life is a mystical thing and with age comes wisdom, clarity, happiness and many gifts.

Listen to Martin's awesome tunes via this link:

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